Event Verdict: Couchbase Munich Developer Day 2013

I recently attended an event called Couchbase Munich Developer Day 2013 which I found absolutely thrilling. Here’s a quick brain-dump…and a photo of a sticker they gave… :)


Description: The goal of Couchbase Developer Days was to a basic understanding of Couchbase Server 2.0 and how to use it.

Setup: Three presenters from Couchbase, full day program.

Price: $50 (value for money was really good)

Techniques covered:

  • No-SQL or document-based databases
  • Couchbase 2.0 vs CouchBD (they are very different)
  • Document structure 
  • Basic Architecture
  • Couchbase Console (Web management interface)
  • Atomic counters
  • Views and Indices 
  • Filtering
  • Map/Reduce
  • Elastic Search
  • XDCR (replication)
  • Graphs
  • Client SDKs for .NET, Java, PHP, Node, etc.
  • plus much more…

Key Takeaways:

  • The era of RDBMS’s might be at its end-phase
  • Real life scalability with Couchbase: OMGPOP’s DrawSomething, Concur, TubeMogul and AOL
  • No-SQL requires a complete phase-shift in brainwave activity – almost everything is backwards in regards to SQL databases
  • One way to think is that Couchbase = memcached+ disk
  • You can store JSON documents (they are called design documents) or practically anything (images, binaries). Restriction is 20MB size limit.
  • There is still some work in designing JSON document for your business entities. Good starting point is for example one document per screen.
  • Schemaless data poses also problems for index generation
  • Developers own the data, true agility (or a sign of catastrophy?). It is developer’s job is to serialize objects to JSON and back (in .NET for example using DataContractSerializer or Newtonsoft’s JsonSerializer)
  • Views are really important for querying…actually they are the only way to run queries over data!
  • View Architecture: so called ‘buckets’ contain design documents –> design documents are JSON files –> bucket has multiple views –> views are indices –> indexes are allocated per design doc, meaning that if view is updated that will update the related design document
  • There are no transactions
  • Ability to manage your db and its contents via web interface is a killer feature
  • Documentation actually is on par
  • Much more…about clusters and graphs…

Documentation: All documentation is available via Couchbase website.


  • Good value for money, knowledgeable presenters
  • This was by far the best database related presentation I’ve seen yet, reality based, collaborative and entertaining :)
  • Couchbase has a really convincing package together for companies striving for scalability and data velocity
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